Ministry Approved Courses

Basic Training Kitchen

To acquaint the students with fundamentals of Food Production, enabling the student to learn the basic process of cooking, mastering the subject of the ingredients used and their importance – Methods of cooking and related terminology.

Bakery & Confectionery

To have professional approach for making international breads. To have knowledge on raising agents, proving time, baking temperatures and glacing of end products. Error & rectification in dough making and after baking. To professionally plate desserts, compound desserts, cakes, gateaux, tarts etc. To further the skills of baking methods and bake various breads with variety of ingredients and also to understand patisserie techniques in relation to cake making.

Quantity Training Kitchen

To provide hands on practical training in quantity cooking emphasizing on the mixing & combining of ingredients in right proportions for large quantities, rectification of errors during cooking to avoid wastage and to introduce the students to Indian Regional Cuisines with special emphasis on authenticity, ethnicity and cultural linkages.

Advanced Training Kitchen

To emphasize the importance of appearance, garnish, presentation and eye appeal in order to make the food look presentable. Also to acquaint the students to the latest trends in cold kitchen and its importance in gastronomy. Advance cold food presentations with emphasis mainly on presentation and the techniques of making intricate cold presentations.

Advanced Bakery & Pastry

To make elaborate pastry and confectionery show pieces. Students will develop the artistic approach towards pastry and confectionery products and due importance is given to the finishing and eye appeal for presenting plated and whole desserts for both a la carte and buffets.